T-Handle Locks – High Security and Reliable Locking Systems

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T-Handle Locks – High Security and Reliable Locking Systems

T-Handle Locks – High Security and Reliable Locking Systems

T-handle locks were originally invented with the purpose of being used on vending machines. Through the years, there have been numerous manufacturers that found and discovered ways of using them on a variety of products. 

What material is a T- Handle lock made of?

A T-handle lock is made up of two primary parts, and these are the body and the pop-out handle. Most of these locks are made of zinc alloy. In particular, stainless steel is the material often preferred when it comes to high-security applications. 

How does T-Handle lock work?

These T-handle locks make use of the standard vending lock to keep them securely closed. If the lock is opened, the handle will pop out. The handle is either rotated or turned to open to unscrew the locking bolt. 

Most manufacturers of T-handle locks produce self-contained products. The maker of a machine or device creates the latching devices and integrates them into the machines. Once the T-handle lock has been incorporated into the machine, this is then connected to the locking or latching device to form a complete locking system. 

As mentioned earlier, the T-handle locks have been designed in such a way that they accept the standard vending locks made by various manufacturers in different levels of security. Since it is possible to change the lock in just a few seconds, changing the lock also allows changing the security level as a whole. Vending locks from different brands all feature locks that have been designed for operating in T-handles. These offer various levels of security all the way to electronic locks. 

How to install a T-Handle lock?

If you will care to get a closer look at the front portion of a T-handle lock, you will see the round hole where the lock goes into. These vending locks have a latch located at the end of the lock. T-handles also have square holes found at the back portion of the pop-out handle.

Once the lock has been inserted into the T-handle, it will make the latch pop up and go straight inside the square hole. It will then secure the lock to the handle. When you push the handle to the T-handle body, its lock latch will extend in the square holes found in the body. 
These will also match up to the handle’s square holes. It is this particular action that secures and closes the handle into the body. The handle will not be able to return as long as it stays inside the T-handle body. When you open the lock, it will release the latch with the handle popping out to let it operate once again. 

T-Handle lock’s application

Aside from vending machines, T-handle locks are also commonly used on cabinets, gas pumps, industrial tool chests, and emergency vehicles, just to mention a few. There are also manufacturers that supply not only T-handles but also other varieties of locks suitable for different levels of security. 


If you are shopping for T-handle locks, make sure that you use the right kind of T-handle lock that matches the intended application to ensure the best level of security.